Mame's Place is named after the eccentric Mame Dennis, from Auntie Mame. Mame Dennis was a fashion loving non conformist, hence the tag line- Style Your Way. Mame's Place is all about fashion, beautiful things and you, at Mame's Place you are destined to find the perfect outfit for day to day or an amazing dress for that event.

Owners Robbie Clark and Ady Maylam have years of experience within fashion retail and the ever changing range at Mame's Place is all hand picked by Robbie, for you to make the ultimate fashion statement. Mame's Place was established in September 2017 in a small upstairs shop in Tenterden, 2 years later we moved to our current home of George Street in Hastings Old Town, where we feel truly at home and our message of not being part of a throw away society and buying sustainable fashion has been embraced. 

Anne who works Wednesdays and Fridays, shes always on hand to give perfect fashion advice and help you pick the right outfit.

Natalie is our go to girl when we need help, she's perfectly placed to help you with your purchases and fashion choices.

And finally Carole, Robbies mum- The Fixer. She will mend and alter anything you need.